Marxa Cicloturista Ciutat de Mollet - Memorial Pelegrí Pi

Mollet de l'Vallès 07/10/2018
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  • Circuit llarg 94 Km (252)
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  • Circuit curt 80 Km (72)
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Total Inscriptions: 317
Name Gender Year Club Modality
vega guerrero , toni Male 1973 CC CASTELLAR BIKE TOLRA Circuit curt 80 Km
vegas castellano , miguel Male 1965 CEM CERDANYOLA Circuit curt 80 Km
velasco carreño, antonio Male 1968 BIG BIKERS CLUB CICLISTA Circuit llarg 94 Km
velasco paz, oscar Male 1969 CLUB CICLISTA PLANA LLADÓ Circuit llarg 94 Km
velilla alegre, jorge Male 1957 SANT ANDREU, ESPORT CICLISTA Circuit llarg 94 Km
verdaguer font, jesús Male 1968 -- Circuit llarg 94 Km
vidal i barcelona, david Male 1969 CLUB CICLISTA PROVENÇALENC Circuit llarg 94 Km
vilajosana andreu, marta Female 1974 PROFESSIONALS Circuit llarg 94 Km
vilalta miro, pere Male 1960 PROFESSIONALS Circuit llarg 94 Km
vilamajo ipeins, jaume Male 1959 PROFESSIONALS Circuit llarg 94 Km
vilches martinez, alfonso Male 1965 RAVET BIKE Circuit llarg 94 Km
villar garcia, moises Male 1979 DIFOPRINT BICIS TONI Circuit llarg 94 Km
villena vicario, antonio Male 1958 ADDICT BIKES TEAM CLUB ESPORTIU Circuit llarg 94 Km
viñegla speronello, roberto Male 1963 INDEPENDENT Circuit curt 80 Km
vázquez moreno, francisco Male 1956 CC POLINYÀ Circuit curt 80 Km
zamora brito, jose Male 1980 CLUB CICLISTA VALL D'HEBRON Circuit llarg 94 Km
águila haba, sergio Male 1989 -- Circuit llarg 94 Km
Shown inscriptions:
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